Detail Review About Cyclamatic CX2 Bicycle Electric Foldaway Bike

Cyclamatic CX2 Bicycle Electric Foldaway Bike with Review

cyclamatic cx2 bicycle review -

Cyclamatic cx2 bicycle is become very popular nowadays because of it eco-friendly and portability of this bike really shines. So let’s talk more in details about Cyclamatic cx2 – Electric Foldaway Bike with Lithium-Ion Battery.

Cyclamatic CX2 electric bikes

cyclamatic cx2 bicycle review -

The biggest problem with cycling is we need a significant amount of energy. I know that is the point of cycling and that is why most people are cycling. But in some situations like a road that runs through a very high mountain, we spend a lot of energy. If you go to work or school by bicycle, you should go there fresh without sweating.

There is no proper solution for these particular problems except heavy and expensive motorcycles for almost a century. But then electric bikes came out. Nobody could turn those electric bikes into popular bikes. They are always just an alternative. But here we talk about Cyclamatic CX2 electric bike manufacturer and their bikes.

Cyclamatic CX2 is a popular bicycle manufacturer but details about their company are hard to find. Many people use Cyclamatic CX2 bikes nowadays. So without any introduction or explanation about them let’s talk about their bikes.

Cyclamatic has a variety of bicycles. Electric ones take a special place among them. They are fewer weight bikes compared to competitors’ bikes. Also, they are relatively low-priced ones. I list their best electric bikes below.

01. Cyclamatic power plus CX1

02. Cyclamatic power plus CX2

03. Cyclamatic power plus CX2 foldaway

04. Cyclamatic power plus CX3

05. Cyclamatic power plus CX3 Pro

All of their bikes are good but some bikes are special to someones. They partner with great bicycle accessories manufacturers and include their amazing gadgets to these bikes. They know their customers and they make bicycle for customers.

Cyclamatics take this electric bike idea seriously and made electric bikes that worth buying. Their battery life and durability are awesome. Most of them have special features. We going to tell you next about an electric bike that contains that kind of cool feature.

cyclamatic cx2 bicycle review -
Cyclamatic CX2 Bicycle Electric Foldaway Bike

Cyclamatic CX2 folding electric bike


  • Maximum Speed: 15 mph
  • Assist Modes: Low level – Medium level – High level
  • Avg. Distance (Per Full Charge): 25 – 31 miles
  • Size: 62 inches (L) x 21.5 inches (W) x 41 inches (H)
  • Size after folded: 33 inches (L) x 18 inches (W) x 25 inches (H)
  • Total Weight: 25 Kg
  • Seat Height: Can adjust between 30.5″ – 33″
  • Maximum User Weight: 100 Kg
  • Suitable for: above 14 age or above Height 5’2″
  • Package Size: 63 inches (L) x 9 inches (W) x 29 inches (H)
  • Total Package Weight: 30 Kg

Cyclamatic CX2 folding electric bike is designed for commuters, travellers, and those with minimal storage. Every part including battery, frame, wheels, gear systems, and lights is designed for them. They will love the features this bike has.

The new powerful 250W brushless motor is a very efficient and more powerful motor. It helps to save battery and it is last-long and durable because of the brushless motor it has.

It has 3 level assist modes and quick-shift Shimano 6-speed gears. It is suitable for most terrains. These features will help you to ride safely and easily in any type of environment. With the partnership with Shimano and their cool gear system, Cyclamatic did really good work.

One of the most important things that a bike should have is a brake system. Poor quality brakes lead you to get injured. Cyclamatic CX2 has strong v-brakes with a bright silver brushed finish. You can stop your bike in a few seconds with this amazing break system.

It has very good paddles. The special thing about the bike is they are removable padded saddles. Those make the bike customizable and the saddle that comes with the bike is very comfortable. Bikers who ride long distances will love it.

All those gear breaks, and powerful motor makes this bike very reliable. But things don’t stop there. There are many other cool features.

The bike has a unisex 20” steel frame design. That is a very strong one and less relatively low weight. You can ride this bike for years.

Cyclamatic CX2 has electric lights, bell, and reflectors. They make this bike handy. When you ride in the night, included really powerful electric lights will help you so much. They include an electric bell beside the traditional no one can hear in a car so you only want to press a button. They also include reflectors for added safety.

To move forward this steel-framed bicycle with all those electrical features needs a very powerful battery. A new fully Sealed 36V 8.8Ah Li-ion Battery is the heart of this. It is quickly releasable and easy to remove and recharge. The new Li-ion battery is upgraded and rechargeable.

There is a balance charger included with the package. You can fully charge using it in 4 – 6 hours. One charge can provide around 25 – 31 miles of a ride at normal speed which is like 15 mph. Also, I united that the battery offers a very low self-discharge rate when not in use. So providing reliable power when you need it most. A battery level indicator is included on the handlebars.

The battery is water and dust-proof. It can survive every weather condition because it is lockable and fully sealed. So rain or shine it doesn’t care.

how to fold the Cyclamatic cx2 folding electric bike

This is a step-by-step guide for those who buy this and don’t know how to fold it.

  1. First, you need to fold the handle. To do that look for a lever and pull that down when you see it. Now you can fold the handle to a side
  2. You have to turn both paddles kicks 90° down.
  3. Now check if the stand is pull back. Do it if doesn’t and you have to unlock the thing in the middle of the frame. Then you can fold the bicycle in the middle..

Folding the Cyclamatic cx2 is that easy. You can move forward with wheels after folded but can’t backwards.

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How to operate Cyclamatic CX2 electric bike

This is not a usual bike, this is an electric one so you need some knowledge to operate it. But don’t worry we tell you all the things you should know.

  • There is a keyhole up on the battery. Like a motorcycle, you can turn on and off this bike from there.
  • There is a controller on the left side of the handle. You can on it and control or track things. You can change into 3 different asset modes there, check your battery level, and many more.
  • You have a static voltage tool upside the battery. You have to push and hold the button to use it.
  • Changing gears is easy. Just like a mountain bike.
  • All the lights can turn on by switches on it.
  • This bike comes up with a charger. You can connect it to the battery and plug it in. If you want to charge faster you can buy a fast charger.

Follow the rules on the road and be careful. You can enjoy your ride while without harming others. Don’t be very fast. Also, don’t forget to maintain the bike properly.

So that is our full review and guide. I hope you have what you want. All the details about are our experiences. If you want to buy this bike check it on amazon

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How does the battery work?

If you move your feet (even if there is no tension) the bike will automatically move the back wheel. Once you stop pedaling, the bike will no longer push the bike forward. If you want to break, stop pedaling and apply the breaks and it will stop pushing the bike forward.

At the end of the day I plug it into a regular USA power outlet (the power cord is about 6-8′ long and looks like a laptop power charger with a car cigarette plug) and it charges up in a few hours. Riding it no more than 10 miles a day makes the battery not go halfway, but if your ride is uphill then the battery will deplete faster because it has to work harder.

I very rarely have to put effort into pedaling, and often times the battery will push the bike faster than I can pedal if it’s on the highest setting.

Since I gave Cyclamatic CX2 5 stars, I’ll start with what I don’t like:

-the spokes in the wheels are close together, and its tough to screw in a pump nozzle for the tires
-there are a few creaks and groans from both the motor and the bikes joints as I go up the steepest part of my commute
-The brakes came pretty badly adjusted when I first got the bike
-Like previous reviews mentioned the seat is very hard, but this can be solved with a seat cushion

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