Everything you need to know about Electric Hydraulic Jacks

Things you have to know about Electric Hydraulic Jacks

Emergencies are inevitable; you have to be prepared for those situations because they often come towards you unexpectedly. When it comes to cars, a hydraulic jack is an essential tool in your car’s arsenal in order to act quickly when a flat tire happens. Electric hydraulic jacks are ideal for people who wish to put less physical effort as these types of electric hydraulic jacks are designed to perform much efficiently than the ordinary jacks.

Anyway, as we always say, you need to know everything about your tools to get the maximum out of them, and our blog is the perfect place for car owners to know everything they need regarding their automobile tools and accessories. With that being said, let’s learn some details related to electric hydraulic jacks.

What suits you the best?

The primary purpose of an electric hydraulic jack is to help you to lift your car, be it a flat tire situation or an off-road emergency. First of all, you will have to identify how much of a weight you expect it to lift for you. As an example, if you have a truck, there is no point in buying an electric hydraulic jack that is limited to lift a maximum of two tons.

The best jacks will complete tasks fast, easy to handle, hardly make any annoying noises, and are durable and super portable. In addition, your choice of jack’s accessories must be compatible with several kinds of vehicles, should be easy to fold, and must not eat much space from your storage space.

What are the types of electric hydraulic jacks?

Over the last decade, electric hydraulic jacks evolved unbelievably in various types and different value-added options. Knowing about the most common sorts will provide you with the luxury of choosing the ideal one for your car. Following are the most used and popular types you could find in the market.

  • Bottle jacks

Hydraulic Bottle Jacks

These jacks use hydraulic techniques for lifting, and usually, hydraulic bottle jacks are designed to lift heavy vehicles. Although they seem small in structure, bottle jacks can take a little more space than other types because of their shape; and, they are ideal for vehicles that have considerable clearance space. Also, you have nothing to worry about the portability of bottle jacks.

  • Scissor jacks

Scissor jacks
Scissor jacks

Typically scissor jacks are considered compatible with most of the vehicle types thanks to their design. They create a diamond-like shape to generate power to lift vehicles, and you will find both electric and manual scissor jacks in the market. Scissor jacks are durable and often light-weighted, but we have seen most of the rookie users find it difficult to use.

  • Floor jacks

Electric Hydraulic Jacks
Floor Jacks

You hardly see these jacks in personal use. Floor jacks are the ones used by the professionals, mostly at repair shops. They are made to lift heavy weights and come with a relatively high price tag as well.

Factors you should pay attention to before you buy

Don’t ever think that electric hydraulic jacks are super-efficient or faultless, and you must not get overconfident given the fact that you own an electric one over manual jack. Yes, it is an excellent option to have, but it would be much convincing if you consider the following points before you purchase one.

  • Compatibility of the jack pad

Certain types of vehicles require specific jack pads, and you must know what kind of jack pad needed for the vehicle you own. Whereas there are universal jack pads that are mostly compatible with most of the vehicles and you can get these separately if the existing ones are not suited with your vehicle.

  • Power source

This is a vital factor you must pay attention to as most of the electric hydraulic jacks get connected to your cigarette lighter; and, some may require you to connect directly to your vehicle battery. If your cigarette lighter is not functioning, there is no point in having a jack that needs it. If that is your situation, you must buy battery clips separately for the connection. However, it’s always an excellent option to be ready with both the option if you have an electric hydraulic jack.

  • Weight

We explained about this previously; most of the entry-level car jacks come with a maximum capacity of two tons, but there are stronger ones in the market to bear up to six tons. Many owners consider having a jack that is way more capable of lifting than the vehicle’s weight; as they say, prevention is always better than cure.

  • Design/type

You know how to decide about this element now, right?

  • Safety measures

Hydraulic jacks are machines and machines can fall apart at any given time. So, in order to prevent such failures, your jack must have certain precautionary features. If not, failures while lifting a vehicle can bring catastrophic results, and there are jacks that work throughout if the power gets cut while it’s on work. In addition, it’s better if your hydraulic jack has features like LED indicators, a rust-resistant body, sufficient length of a power code, and a wireless remote for added safety.  

Hydraulic jack repair, is it possible?

Actually, many of the units are produced in a manner that if it breaks, you will have to throw it away. But, there are high-quality hydraulic jacks available nowadays where you can consider a repair; even some products come to you with a rebuild kit.


We are living in a time where flat tires are not a time consuming or physically tiring work anymore if you are equipped with an electric hydraulic jack. Still, you have to own the best one to keep everything under control. Hydraulic jacks are something people take for granted due to many reasons and tend to buy blindly just to keep it in the car trunk, thinking it’s there to rescue you from emergencies.

However, now you know about the importance of jacks and how to buy the best one possible. That’s all we aimed through this article, and there will be more valuable stuff coming soon.

Until then, it’s a wrap from us; adios fellas!

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